You have reached the web pages of award-winning investigative journalist and essayist Stephen Fried. He is the Stephen Fried who wrote those books Thing of Beauty, Bitter Pills, The New Rabbi and Husbandry and who wrote those articles in Vanity Fair, The Washington Post Magazine, GQ, Rolling Stone, Glamour, Ladies' Home Journal and Philadelphia Magazine. He is also the Stephen Fried who teaches magazine writing at Columbia University. He is not, however, the Stephen Fried who is the expert on Alaskan salmon spawning, the social gerontologist, the global information security expert, the Indy 500 master mechanic or the theater director (although he respects them and all other Steve Frieds).

By clicking your way through this site, you can find out more about this particular Stephen Fried. You can get information about his books and magazine writing (including the bizarre case of the ten dead babies of Marie Noe), you can learn how (and why) he invented the word "fashionista," and you can contact him. You can also see him holding a large fish

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