This is probably my favorite picture of Gia. It was the first one I found in the private stash of photos and diaries her mother still hadn't removed from her bedroom several years after her death. I met Gia's mother Kathy in 1988, after she called in to a local TV talk show doing a program on AIDS. The host got me in touch with her, and, with her help, I first wrote about Gia in Philadelphia magazine in 1988.  
This is the AIDS quilt made for Gia. A woman in Boston named Donna Wood called me after reading the book and asked if anyone had done a quilt. None had, so she and her group did it themselves. The photo is from a book on fashion-industry AIDS quilts called "Always Remember."  
Gia proudly displaying her cover spread of Cosmopolitan.  
Philadelphia Magazine cover spread, January 1980.  
Gia and her pet tiger.  
February 1993 Vanity Fair book excerpt from Thing of Beauty  
May 1993 Italian Elle story on Thing of Beauty featuring Avedon Versace ad  
Original November 1988 Philadelphia magazine story on Gia, with her Polaroid
Collage from 1988 Philadelphia story, including Gia's original modeling book, photos from the collections of friends and family, and several copyrighted images: do not reproduce  
Between sessions at an Italian photo shoot, 1978  
A painting of Gia by famed fashion illustrator Joe Eula, from the photo insert of Thing of Beauty  
Promotional photo from Thing of Beauty, featuring the full-frame image of Lance Staedler's black leather jacket shot.  
A Vogue editorial shot by Dennis Piel  
Gia as she appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine.  
Gia's mug shot from her first arrest.  
One of Gia's many Armani ads  
This is the very first attempt at a cover for Thing of Beauty, incorporating the haunting Albert Watson photo of Gia which I had hanging over my desk while writing. But Watson wouldn't let my publisher use the picture on the cover, so this visual concept was tried with a candid shot of Gia (which became the UK cover) and then a whole new cover was designed with Lance Staedler's shot.  
This is the first page of a Philadelphia Daily News serialization of Thing of Beauty, interesting because of the previously unseen Harry King candid of Gia in a pool.  
United States Cover.............United Kingdom Cover.................Germany Cover

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